Some days are better than others

So yesterday (“Women’s Day”) was not like all the other years, I had the chance to reflect and ask myself what is it that I have done for the women of my beloved.

I too have gone through most things that some of the women have experienced.

In 2001 three guys attacked me and dragged me to an abonded house not far form my home, 2 of them managed to rape me until I was lucky saved by an old man who was passing by. One of the guys was known to me, he lived on the same street as I was. Fortunately they were arrested and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

None of my family knew about it not even my brothers, I chose to have it that way because I did not want to labelled as “the was raped” I did deserve that title. I got a chance to work for correctional service in 2008 At the very same prison they had bee incarcerated, and for the for the first time after they had been sent to jail I came face to face with these rapist and it all came back. They eventually asked for forgiveness and I refused. I had forgiven myself long ago and I was about to live with the guilt of their actions, they deserved it after all.



So today I went for my first check up after my surgery on the 24th July.

The good news is that there was no sign of cancer, the bad news is that my uterus weighed triple the normal size. The normal size is about 70grams and weighed about 237 grams.

It’s quiet frightening to hear that I’ve been so much weight and pain, but I’m slowly accepting the out come and will try to reach out to young women and teach through my scars.